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How to learn a programming language/framework!
- 20th Oct 2020, Harsh Bajpai
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This article will answer the question that has troubled developers for time immemorial which is “How do I learn a programming language/framework ?”. In this article, I will lay down some general tips and tricks which can definitely help you in your programming journey. So let’s get started!

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Google some good resources!

Open your browser and ask for some help from your best buddy Google to tell you some good resources! Check out platforms like Reddit and Quora to see what resources people are using to learn the programming language/framework you want to learn.

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Researching on the web for resources might sound time-consuming but it will help you in the long run. If you find resources whom a lot of people consider as good then the chances are that you too will find it easy to understand are high. So spend some good enough time researching the web!

The resources that you use will decide how quickly you will be able to progress with the programming language/framework that you want to learn. Make sure the resources are not too many as it might create confusion in your mind because a lot of people present abstractions via different means.

Should I go for the official documentation?

I always emphasize that it is very important to at least once read the official documentation of the programming language/framework. It helps you learn about the technicalities of the programming language in some good depth and will help you in your advanced journey of the programming language.

Now, I know that to a lot of people new to programming reading official documentation seems scary. I would suggest you learn the basics from some other resource which will provide you some good abstraction and then once you feel a bit comfortable go and read the official documentation!

Follow! Follow! Follow!

Yes, once you have cleared your basics of programming language/framework then the next step is to find and start following people who are good at what you want to learn.

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Make sure the platform on which you follow them is a place where they regularly post about the things that you want to learn.

How will it help me?

Following the best people in your interested language/framework will help you to know some advanced tricks and tips. These people are the best of the best. So, you know following their way of programming will introduce you to the best practices in the programming language/framework that you want to learn.

Platforms to follow them

Now, I will give you a list from my side where you must consider following these people.

  • dev.to

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    dev.to is a platform that is used by the programming community to share their experience and knowledge. This is a good platform to find and follow people who are excelling and pioneering in the language/framework you want to learn.

  • Medium

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    Medium is also a platform where developers share their experience, some of the articles on Medium are monetized and hence you need to be a member to access it. Medium is also a good place to find and follow people from whom you want to learn.

  • Twitter

    twitter account

    Twitter accounts of people are a mix of their professional and personal life and it is a platform where people regularly post about the things on which they are working. So, Twitter is a great place to follow people and learn from them.

  • Youtube

    twitter account

    A lot of developers have set up their youtube channels and are active on the platform which makes youtube a good platform to follow developers.

Read the code as you read a novel (:

I know not many people in today’s time are a fan of reading especially when the video content is booming at an exponential rate but there are still people like me who love to read ( are there? ).

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Okay, so reading other people’s code is one of the most important factors which will decide how fastly you will mature as a developer in a language/framework. Reading other people’s code will help you understand the best practices of writing code in the language/framework and will act as a catalyst in your journey as a programmer.

So, read other people’s code as much as you can!

Don’t rush!

I have seen a lot of people trying to rush through the basics and as a result, they end up spending a lot more time than they would have taken to learn a language/framework.

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So take your time in the beginning and don’t rush through the basics, this is will resolve the conflicts that will arise in your mind when you will be going through some advanced manuals and resources.


These were some important points that I consider might help you on your journey to learn a programming language/framework. I hope you find them helpful in your developer journey!


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