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Hackinux's results are out 🦕
- 8th Aug 2021, Harsh Bajpai
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Last month we had hackinux. It was a competition where you have to send us your Linux Desktop setup and the coolest one will win an Orpheus Leap and some stickers ✨

We had submissions from all over the world and we loved each and every one of them 🌏

Congratulations Aquib Javed 🎉

The winner of Hackinux was Aquib Javed from Kerala, India. You can check out his submission form here.


Thanks to everyone for participating in Hackinux and sharing your wonderful projects, we will keep doing such amazing events, till then keep hacking and keep the hacker spirit alive!

p.s: thanks to ZFogg for judging this event 🙌🏾


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