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Hack Club India Introduction
- 27th Oct 2020, Thejaswi Prakash
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Coding is an essential skill they say and it helps you land a job these days. These were the first things I heard about coding and why you should code. Like any other college student who dreaded unemployment, I began my quest to master this much sought after skill. I'm not kidding when I say I used to get frustrated going through endless tutorials all-over the internet.

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The more I learned the less I could do. I often got stuck and was in a rut. It was very discouraging and made me think maybe this was not my cup of tea and I even gave up learning for some time. And that's when my friend introduced me to Hack Club India.

Joining the Slack

I still did not have much of an idea what this community was about but anyways I joined their slack. This opened my eyes to a whole new experience. I remember feeling awestruck seeing high schoolers all over the world learning and building wonderful things together which inspired me to continue my journey.

I got into coding for all the wrong reasons but going the right way made me realize that there was more to coding and it's not just about getting a job. It's also about finding happiness when you solve problems or building something that works.

There's no discrimination when it comes to coding and for that reason, you'll find artists, musicians, engineers, machinists, and even business people in this field and that's one of the great things about coding.

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Anyone can do it and anybody can deliver their strengths to the desk and create something remarkable. Hack Club India is the place you didn't know you needed. It's an international community and has over 100+ clubs pan India that empowers new generation hackers and helps them gain real-world skills by building the projects of their dreams.

It's a non-profit organization aimed at transforming computer science education by breaking the barriers of conventional schooling where you are only taught programming concepts not how to build real-world things. And you'll find no teachers at Hack Club India. It is led by student hackers for the students.


‌Over the years they have hosted multiple workshops, meetups & hackathons in colleges and schools across India and have helped in making student's transition into coding a little easier.‌ One of the best things you get from being a part of this community is the connections. What's better than having people who support you on your journey and inspire you to push your boundaries right?!.

Why you need a community and conclusion!

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Things can get a Lil bit intimidating for a beginner and It's really easy to lose sight of your goals when you are just starting and have nowhere to turn for help. Which is why I'd say joining a community is one of the best ways to learn a new skill. You feel a lot more empowered and motivated to do more.

A community that is driven to provide an inclusive space for students to show their creativity can make all the difference in the world where coding is considered as something that only techies do. It is about time that we change this notion by being a part of this movement for making coding accessible to everyone.


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Hack Club India Introduction

- Thejaswi Prakash

This blog is going to share my journey at Hack Club India, I will also share my thoughts about the community!