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Guru's journey from Hack Camp 2020 to Pinnacle
- 12th Jun 2021, Guru
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Who is Guru?

Hello Hackclubbers! I am Kumaraguru (@Guru), a 19 year old hacker from Coimbatore, India. I am a computer engineering sophomore with interests in full stack development, design thinking, machine learning and cyber security. I am one among the leaders of Hack Club SKCET. Please feel free to checkout portfolio - kumaraguru.me and don't hesitate to drop by and say a hi on the Hack Club Slack @Guru .


Guru's journey with hackathons and Hack Club

Hack Club has been instrumental in my journey with hackathons. I remember attending my first in-person hackathon called 'Hack Camp 2020' which was conducted at Kochi by Hack Club along with Major League Hacking. Hack Camp was a great learning experience for me. I got to know about a lot of resources and met amazing people including Zach Latta (@zrl), the founder of Hack Club and Mike Swift, the founder of Major League Hacking at my first hackathon. Though I couldn't ace it, Hack Camp is inspired me to actively take part in more hackathons and coding related events. I totally owe my gratitude to Hack Club because Hack Camp was something that throttled me further.

Hack Camp

Soon after attending my first hackathon, the pandemic hit us hard and everything was shifted to virtual. Fortunately, since most of the events were virtual - I was able to attend and win in 15+ collegite hackathons which include MakeHarvard, BitCamp, HackPrinceton, Cal Hacks etc.,

I also got an amazing set of team mates - Adithya, Yogesh and Samuel. We are a team with diverse skill sets and the best part is - all of us are night owls!

On the other hand, we also started a Hack Club at our college with the help of the other coding enthusiasts. We inaugurated our club with the precence of Zach Latta as our guest of honour. We also conducted a number of events at Hack Club SKCET including a hackathon called 'Hack From Home'.

What is Pinnacle?

Pinnacle claims to be the 'Olympics of Hackathons'. Pinnacle invites a winning team from each of the world’s largest 50 collegiate hackathons to compete in an epic hack-off. This year, Pinnacle will be taking place on September 17-19 in Dallas, USA. All the invited hackers will receive full travel sponsorship including airfares, accomodation and other expenses.

The 50 partnered collegiate hackathons include BitCamp, Hack Harvard, LA Hacks etc., The 2020-2021 hackathon season concludes with the 36 hours of intense competition which is set to take place at Dallas.

How did Guru qualify for Pinnacle?

University of Maryland conducted their flagship hackathon called BitCamp. BitCamp was one among the qualification hackathons for Pinnacle and we were really desperate to win it at any cost. We brainstormed and worked for a 36 hours without sleep and finally - we were able to complete our product called VoCode - a desktop application powered with Natural Language Processing that converts voice commands into code. We were satisfied with the outcome of our product and we were fortunate to win BitCamp and qualify for Pinnacle.

What's next?

I am really excited and looking forward to attend Pinnacle and visit the United States for the first time, this September. My additional plans also include visiting Hack Club's HQ at Vermont (provided that my itenary and budget are sorted out). Hack Club has been a great support system for me and I would love to contribute to it's development across the APAC region by actively volunteering in all the events.


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